Mortgage Rates Plummet

Did you know that mortgage rates are 3.77% fixed for 30 years or even better 3.16 fixed for 15 years!!  These are historical lows and will not get much better than this.  NOW is the time to build the custom home you've always dreamed of and capitalize on these great rates.  If you have a home that needs remodeling/updating, we can help you out with that as well.  The refinance process will be all tied into the updates to your home and you will enjoy both all the updates to your home and a great new (lower) interest rate.  Are you with me on this!?  How could you pass up this opportunity to get the best rates in history on your new or remodelled home?  We work with several local banks that can get you prequalified for a loan and take the stress out of the process.  Contact Michael today michael@liebrumconstruction.comor 936-615-5185 for an appointment.  

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