The Cascades

The Cascades was designed in hopes of offering your family a convenient place to live in the Central Heights school district.

Located less than a mile North of Central Heights Schools on HWY 59N we are excited to offer affordable yet stylish homes in the Cascades for families to whom location is important.

The Cascades received its name from the way the land flows beautifully among mature hardwoods and natural waterways. This subdivision offers you and your family the convenience of being close to your school of choice while still affording you the opportunity for a comfortable and beautiful living environment.

28 lots covering this breath-taking development with lot size approximately ½ acre. 

Does choosing a house plan overwhelm you? Don’t worry! We have numerous plans of varying types ready for you to choose from! Schedule an appointment today to take a tour through The Cascades and choose the perfect lot for your future home!

For more information call (936) 615-0350 or (936) 615-5185 or email us at or

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